Saturday, April 2, 2011

From Elder Thorntons mom

This is an E-mail from another missionary mom. She mentions Elder Beus on the LDS missioary mom website.

Hi Ladies,

Heard from my son last night. He is back in Silverdale and his new comps are
Elders Isham, Ferris, and Davis. He is also excited that Elder Beus, his MTC
Comp, is in his zone now. They haven't been in the same zone since they left
the MTC, so he is excited to catch up. They became good friends while in the

Are any of the moms of these young men on this list?


Sheri Thornton
mm to Elder Joseph Thornton
WA-TAC mission, 7/09 - 7/11

From the Gunnell's

We had a great time at dinner with your sons. They have been working hard, they were tracting right up until dinner time!

The Gunnell Family

Good things

The last few weeks I have received news from people who are in the Tacoma Washington mission. This is a copy of an E-Mail form Adele Stokes -Kingston, Washington

> >Hi,
> >
> >I'm a member of the Kingston Ward where your son is serving and I
> just wanted
> to send you a quick note and tell how much we enjoy having him in our
> ward. He
> has been to my home only a couple of times , he is always respectful
> and kind. He has a genuine testimony and a love for the gospel and
> family. I know he will
> be successful in his life.
> >
> >I have a son serving a mission and he will be released on August 3rd
> also, so I
> am looking forward to seeing him again. It is a big sacrifice let them go but
> when they come home it is all worth it.
> >
> >Hope all is well with you and your family.
> >
> >with love,
> >Adele Stokes
I Had responded to her E Mail with info about our family. She replied again with nice things to say about Payden, then she told me about her family.

Dear Julie,

It is great to hear from you and I am happy to say that Elder Beus
looks great. On Sunday they brought a man to church for the second
week so that is good. He always looks like he is sincerely concerned
about others. He is one of God's best.
Just thought I could share that

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christams Eve pictures 2010

Payden called about 10:30 on Christmas day. We all got to talk to him. He sounds good. He had dinner at the Gunnels home for Christmas eve - they have a son on a mission in Texas.She took these pictures and emailed them to me. Then on Christmas day they went to their ward mission leaders house and spent the day with them. This is a part of what he wrote in his email on Monday
Hey guys! It was great to talk to you too. I was really excited. It sounds like you guys are doing great. We just hung out at the Whittles and we went on a hay ride and caroling. It was really fun. They took us down to this historic light house on the beach and we played around there for a few minutes. It is so pretty here. That was neat to hear Boomer and the girls on the phone. That is so wild they are all having babies the same month. That is going to be weird to come home to four new babies. Well not a whole lot is new. We are going to go tour a battle ship today with the zone. I am way excited. Well it was great talking to you. I can't wait for mothers day! I love you guys!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Hey Beus Bunch! How are you? Things are great here. We just had our mission Christmas party. It was a lot of fun. Thank you so much for the packages. I am excited to open them. We had some good food and sang some carols and had a pretty awesome testimony meeting. It was very spiritual. I was asked to speak in sacrament meeting. That went really well. My topic was on the Savior. Lucky for me I have been on a big phase of studying the atonement and His miracles so it was pretty easy and fun to prepare. I just talked about how I came to know Him as my Savior from reading the Book of Mormon. Read Messiah 14 and that is where I shared that chapter with them and bore my testimony. I am really grateful for all that He did for me and for the atonement. It has really blessed me and helped me to be where I am today. Just turning around from where I was three or four years ago and seeing the effects or the atonement is just amazing. Oh and seeing it’s influence in our investigators lives is even more amazing. I just love seeing their whole countenance change because of it. My studies are really helping me to come closer to him. Mission life is the life. Are you guys still reading every morning? I hope so. You know how much it helps. How is the ward? How is the Sunday school dad? Not much else is new. I don't know what time I will call on Christmas. I’ll try for 9 my time so it will be 10 your time. But I will let you know next Monday for sure. We are going to our ward mission leaders and hanging with them all day. It will be fun. They are a great family. Well I hope you have a great holiday. Remember what Christmas is for. Jesus Christ. I love all of you! The church is true the book is blue! Merry Christmas